About us

Plastic industry is a sector where innovations and technologies arise on a daily basis. It is a field which is associated with the sectors such as medical science, printing, packaging, sports, composites and automobiles due to the huge demand of plastic supply and its irreplaceable importance.

But where can one learn about the updates regarding the plastic fraternity and current news about the growth of plastics which happens every day?Don’t worry as we bring you Modern Plastics TV, which is the Asia’s first dedicated online video sharing website or you can say an Internet TV for latest update in the world of Plastics Industry.

Our dedicated team keeps updating the recent innovations and provides update on a regular basis about the insights of the plastic industry. We deliver exclusive interviews, upload videos regarding current events, upcoming exhibitions and also promote product details and services to the entire globe, not only through our live tv but also through news and articles in our weekly newspaper and monthly magazine. The exposure provided by us is unprecedented and catapults the product or business to whole another level.

Our mission is to shed light on the various events, latest news, interviews, short films and all the live updates regarding the plastic world. Also, the members are free to upload their own videos with free membership access to all the live events for all the subscribers.

Plastics aren’t just a material for us it’s the art we broadcast.


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